Oriental Rug Services
Professional Hand Cleaning
Cleaning Services
Expert hand washing Oder removal Pet stain removal Prevent color bleeding Mildew removal Cigarette tar and oder removal Food and drink stains Moth proofing
 Keyvan Oriental Rugs offers expert fine rug cleaning services. We take special care of your rug by hand washing it. This method is the best because your rug will not lose any of its value from color bleeding or mildew and it will be genuinely clean. We use patented state-of-the-art equipment, non-toxic environmentally safe supplies, and well-trained service technicians. When a rug is cleaned or washed properly it will not only look better but it will also feel better. You’ll notice the rich colors and beautiful intricate designs have a much more vivid look after your rugs have had a good bath. Rugs cleaned by Keyvan Oriental Rugs stay cleaner longer, promoting a healthier working and living environment. Surface cleaning is a common method of rug cleaning used by many rug cleaning companies. Surface cleaning uses rough machines and hot water to clean exactly what the names says, the surface. If a rug is just surface cleaned, it may look better on the surface, but that all important soft feel will not be apparent. This process often cause rugs’ colors to bleed and mildew to form.
Expert Rug Appraisal
With over 30 years experience, we have the extensive knowledge to accurately assess the value of your Oriental rug. We meticulously evaluate the rug-making techniques, the materials and regional differences in design. We can assess the age, condition and repair history, which can all affect its value. There are certain benchmark characteristics of rugs that assists in estimating value. These include the number of knots per square inch (kpsi) in the weave or the type of dye used for coloring. However there are also subjective evaluations regarding its historic and aesthetic value which weigh heavily in determining an Oriental rug's true value. Oriental rugs are considered to be functional works of art that and an investment. They generally appreciate in value and are handed down through the generations of a family. A certified rug appraisal is recommended for insurance or estate purposes, but also for the rug owners own appreciation for the craftsmanship of their piece.
Masterful Rug Restoration
Repair | Restoration Services
Color restoration Bonding repair Fringe repair Moth damage repair Pile wear restoration Hole and/or torn spot repair
We also specialize in rug restoration. We know that life (and red wine, pets, and kids) happens. When it does, bring your rug to Keyvan Oriental Rugs and we will be more than happy to bring it back to its original state! We provide color restoration, fringe repair, bonding repair, and much more. Protect your investment. At Keyvan we understand the monetary value, as well as the sentimental attachment people have for their fine Oriental rugs. We will care for your rugs and treat them as the finely crafted works of art that they are.


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